Artist Development
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"We've seen good artists with limited marketing not able to break out, and we've seen bad artist with great marketing suddenly go viral."




Development Services vs. an Exclusive Artist

Artist Development is a service we can provide you to help organize, schedule, execute, and deliver results. We have several packaged deals to help you charter your project in the right direction.

Exclusive Artists have the opportunity to be a part of the Media Peeps Artist Roster, with budget support to execute their projects, much like a major music label, plus* the benefit of moving much faster since we communicate and do everything in-house.


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We help develop the brand, and provide the business know-how to make you successful

Believe us when we say that sucess lies in the details. Almost every new artist that goes viral today owes it in some form to digital technology. Why? Because you cant be heard or discovered in todays music industry unless your out there (digitally).

At Media Peeps, we build our artists online brand to show your new fans that YOU are here to stay, taking your music career serious, and they can expect great things from you.

The know-how?

Being the next big artist only begins with the music. But what good is great music if it cannot be heard, or spread out there beyond your social circle? Who will be producing the instrument track? Who's gonna record and mix it? Who will handle the distribution and the digital handling requirements for online distribution? Will you be cutting ring tones too? The photography for the cover artwork? The digital handling of the artwork and submission requirements? How will you promote it BEYOND your network? Do you have an official website? Is the website indexed and locatable by search engines such as Google and Yahoo? Is the site supported by todays mobile PDA's, smartphones, and tablet computers? Do you have a fan page? Do you have an advertising campaign? What comes first, second, or last? Who will shoot the music video and what format will it be filmed in, HD, 720p, 1080p? Can they color correct and color grade? re they using prime lenses and equipment? Do they have a crane or dolly? Do they have lighting or vehicle mounts? Who will handle the digital conversion and compression for online distribution? Will it be in color specifications for braodcast? Can they convert it for television and FCC requirements? Can they submit it to MTV or BET? Who will book you shows? How will you market the shows? Will you print banners or posters? Who will take the photo and do the graphic design? Do they use off-camera flash photography?

etc, etc, etc, and on, and on, and on.........

But at the end of the day, who will be monitoring it all? How will you harness that data to help you sell your music and get booked for paid shows?


To learn more about artist development, you can see the breakdown of all our services on our music page, you can visit our consulting page, and/or contact us for both development services, or being an exclusive Media Peeps Artist.