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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to making your first Video Production.

While some of these questions are tailored around BIG BUDGET shoots, we at Mediapeeps strive to help our smaller budgeted artists as well. Remember, although you see some overwhelming details here, we can, and will, shoot smaller skeleton crew type shoots, saving you money, and providing you with a BIG BUDGET looking film.
We have minimal post-production solutions as well, where we can still provide full HD color grading, filters, and enhancements, giving a high production cost feel, for less cost to our client.

IN GENERAL, we have broken our information below into 2 categories; 1) production, and 2) post-production editing, grading, special effects, filters, plugins, graphics, etc.

How much does it cost?

What are some of the things that impact "production" cost?

- general
- number of scenes
- time of day
- locations
- power requirements
- models/actors
- crane/jib
- dolly
- steadicam
- vehicles
- car scenes

What are some of the things that impact "post-production" cost?

- general 2. -takes
- special effects
- color
- encoding

How much does it cost?

This is the hardest, if not, most impossible question to answer. The reason being is that production costs are impacted by MANY different options, techniques, and post production work. Although anyone can point and shoot a camera, and with the high quality in-expensive camera's out there today, you may make the wrong assumptions that anyone can pull off a HQ video. Most of the creativeness and talent, comes in post-production work. For example, color grading all the scenes, so the viewer is not constantly straining to keep up with motion and color drastic color changes. Special effects, chromokey-ing, scene transitions, audio sync-ing, and color-correction itself.

What are some of the things that impact "production" cost?

General:Length of video/song
In Production:
Scenes: Number of locations. This requires our crew to pack up, and drive to multiple locations. Most of our equipment is expensive, and is not something we can throw in the back of a pickup, and go.

Time of day: If this is an outdoor shoot, and at night, this may require our lighting crew and additional lighting equipment. Weekend shoots are charged an additional $200 minimum per day

Location: Will the venue require rental payment, permits, road closure, security, etc. Is there easy access to the location, or will equipment need to be carried to a more remote location?

Power Requirements: Will the venue supply power, or is it in a remote location requiring our on-site generator?

Models/Actors: Will we need models and/or actors? Before you start to think you can provide your own, let me just warn you..... Mediapeeps will allow you to use your own, however, you will need to authorize a release form, that if your film doesn't turn out right due to the performances of them, we will not be responsible. We have had to throw out productions, or the artist has had to pay for an additional shoot, because their cousin got shy at the last minute, and looked like an idiot in the film. If they have never stood in front of a professional camera, they will stand out uncomfortably FOR SURE in the film.

Crane/Jib: Will your production require the use of our 13 foot crane/jib?

Dolly: Will your production require the use of our dolly? (A dolly is a rolling device that get lateral floating-like shots)

Steadicam: Will your production require the use of our steadicam? (A steadicam is a harness-to-body mounting system that eliminates the gravity weight of the camera so that the camera-man can walk while filming, giving you absolutely smooth-floating shots while walking or running)


Vehicles: Will your production require the use of any show vehicles? We have many contacts and can provide classic cars, as well as high performance and high-end vehicles.

Car Scenes: Will your production require the use of our camera car mounts? Will we need a chase car to film angles from outside the artists vehicle?

What are some of the things that impact "post-production" cost?

General: Length of Video/Song

Takes: How many different takes do you want for the same scene. Some artists want to include several friends or family in the video. If you require that they be filmed in separate takes, this will cost you more. Best to either limit your guests, or have them all appear in one single take.
**This extra charge is only applied when you must have separate takes. Normal filming of multiple takes of the SAME scene, with same people/props, you are not charged extra.

Special Effects: Will you want any special effects for your shoot? Will there be any green screen work? Any animated text or images? Black & white or aged film look?

Color: Will there need to be excessive color grading or color correcting due to location, lighting, clothing? Typically this is not the case, most of our color grading and correcting is included in the original production bid. This covers any extremities such as specialized coloring in a bright shirt that must stand out in the film due to advertising, proprietary media. sponsoring agreeements, etc.

Encoding: All our bids include encoding formats for YouTube, Vimeo, DVD Authoring, iTunes, and a copy of the original H.264 1080p file. Anything additional, or if you need a TV broadcast quote, please discuss this during your consultation.