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Corporate Programming,
Training & Promotional Solutions

In addition to advertising, companies today are making huge savings by producing training and promotional videos that can be utilized across the globe.

Training Videos

We take the time to know your business and the overall abjectives in building your training videos. We've worked with large national organizations as well as local and state governement entities to produce training videos that can be distributed throughout their network. This reduces company cost by literally compressing a days worth of training and experience to less than 20 minute video, and in some cases, less than a 5 minute video.

If your a product manufacturer or service provider, this is a great tool to achieve consistent training throughout your distributors nationwide while expanding your marketshare with lower costs. We can even compress your video for mobile device viewing.

Media Peeps strives to make your next video entertaining and far from the boring drawn out video's of the past. Why shouldn't your next training video be exciting and to-the-point?


Visit our promotional solutions page for more information on product reviews, demonstrations, and market exposure.


Visit our advertising solutions page for information on pre-roll advertisement, movie theater advertisement, and target or network advertisements.

Corporate Video Clients

CertainTeed Roofing & Solar
Monster Cable
BMW Motorcycles
San Jose Fire Department
San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission
ACE - Altamont Commuter Express
Envirotech Chemical Services
UGMX Studios
illburn Records
MEB Records
Urban Source Entertainment
No Fangaprint Records
LiveWire Records
Block Bizz Beats