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The Push and the Pull Strategies

Consumers are steadily growing to search product reviews and product demonstrations on YouTube or company direct web channels to learn more about products. Not all videos need to be viral - funny and passed along. A good demonstration video on a company website serves the same purpose. Putting a product demonstration on YouTube can get you exposure from markets that you may be unaware of.

The PUSH strategy, the marketers give generous discounts and benefits to the customers so that the sales can be increased drastically. The pull strategy is promoting your product in markets that can increase you exposure. Perhaps cross promoting with a well know person of interest, sports celebrity, etc.

In either case, today's search engines will rank the searches in your keyword pool 300% higher if there is a video associated with it online. For example, no-name product "A" may rank 3 pages back on a Google search, but if a YouTube video exists that is YouTube Rank Optimized (YRO), the searches for your product or brand will start yielding a higher search rank.

Media Peeps can help you with all your video/audio, and print as well as graphic design promotional projects.

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