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It takes a team just to manage all the pieces of the puzzle

Because everything is done under one roof, we can keep your projects on track, on schedule, and within budget. Our cross functional teams have the knowledge to know where the gaps and risks are in every music project. Consulting.




Clone Promo - My Planet (short)

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Our Music Department is the only one-stop POWERHOUSE that can catapult your career.

Here at Media Peeps, EVERYTHING is done IN-HOUSE. We actually do more than most major labels do. Most labels contract out the bulk of their work. They find a film crew, they find a lighting crew, they find a recording studio & the engineer, they shop for producers, they hire a web designer with management services, they outsource a freelance photogrpahy and graphic designer for the CD, and they send the artist off.

Our offices have all the latest equipment for video production, video editing, graphic design, a complete photography studio with green screen, recording studio with air conditioned vocal booth, mixing and control room, web developers, advertising campaign managers, and all the technical know how to protect and backup the work and data management under one roof in a confortable and creative environment.

We have the power to produce your music, record and mix your vocals, shoot your music video, shoot your CD cover art photo, design and build your website, acquire your domain name, launch your facebook fan page, and distribute your music on iTunes. Our iTunes distribution gets out the same day its uploaded (exceptions include holidays and weekends), see the distribution section for more information.


Media Peeps provides client consultations for independant as well as major signed artists. Click here to learn more.

Visit Artist Development for more info or opportunities.