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This information is free... But executing a plan and completing it step-by-step is what we do best.

Knowing when to take each step, knowing the best resources to accomplish them, coordinating each item to go along with the next, and executing them on-time at a competitive budget is where we can flex our muscles for you.

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Mediapeeps provides client consultations for independent as well as signed artists.

These are some of the consulting services provided:


Artists who need digital recording, instruments, beats, vocals, or film. We can help you understand the media processes from beginning to end, and provide you with inside information on how to coordinate your recording needs.

We help you with full recording and manufacturing services, but we also help new artists that are seeking to self distribute, with information on how recording should be done, bit rate requirements, and manufacturers that can produce your physical CD's, or DVD authoring. This can be a complex hurdle due to all the different media configuration types needed by both physical producers, and online media sites that may require different dimensions, bit rate, or formats.

Here's where we know whats up...... STRAIGHT UP! You as an artist or a brand.... Your a soft drink, a product, an item, or whatever you prefer to call it, but YOU ARE A BRAND. We at Mediapeeps work diligently with getting you to market. This includes your image, photography, cover artwork, how often you should refresh these, and search engine optimization so you can be Googled all over the place.

There are several outputs on the internet in which you can utilize to get your work and your name out there. Because we can do everything in-house, we know what it takes to get a "name" out on the web. We have our own web developers who can set you up as an artist through numerous social media sites, as well as your own custom website with your proprietary web url, images, events, bio, and videos. We house our own servers and can provide you with web hosting services, web site development, audio & video encoding and embedding, images and catalogs, and email & web statistics.

Need your stuff distributed? Of course you do, and thats why we're here. Mediapeeps distributes media to most major online retailers including Amazon MP3, iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic,, Napster,, smackhound, and more. We can distribute for you, or set you on your own path to self distribution.

This is where the project goes from local talent, to GLOBAL. This phase can be cumbersome to the artist, but we at Mediapeeps provide services and solutions that make your experience an absolute blast. We help with you on your budget requirements, and the many options when going into film, like, where & WHEN will this be, what time of day, how many locations, will I need a lighting crew, will I want crane or lateral dolly shots, will I need models, should I do it on green screen, will there be travel arrangements, do I need a permit, can we close down the street, will there be a driving car mounted camera crew scene, etc., etc., etc.

You need to be marketed, period. Mediapeeps has editorial and print channels to get your photos and your image out there. This means magazine covers, press releases, biographies, flyers, and broadcast television. We can generate your behind the scenes as well as documentaries on your events to broadcast on your website or social media site.