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Understand it.

Before making the leap to distribute your own music, make sure you understand the requirements; music file format, artwork dimensions/ format/dpi, annual fee's, and most of all, lead time to actually buy your music online, and when you can get your reports and monies.


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The Digital Era.

Media Peeps can provide distribution services including physical print/CD or digital distribution using todays internet channels. We have the knowledge needed in the use of digital & print, national & local, high trafficking resources for name recognition.

All our videos are shot in 1080p, which is TRUE HD. Dont be fooled by other that are shooting HD, but only in 1080i or 720p. 1080p is also what is needed for Blu-ray™ format.

Most distribution today is done digitally, unless the artist already has a good soundscan history .When a sales rep from a distributor calls the buyer at any retailer (big or small) to pitch a new release the buyer will want to know the artist's Soundscan sales history, marketing budget, and booked tour dates & locations. If you don't have a Soundscan sales history, significant marketing dollars (for advertising, listening stations, etc.) and a national tour booked, the sales reps at the distributor most likely won't stock the CD regardless of how good it is. Distributors won't carry inventory that retailers won't buy. So it's a huge risk. Many of today's big artists know this risk, and some are launching digital only.

Media Peeps currently distributes to all the stores listed on the right column. Most online distributors take 4-6 weeks to get you music on iTunes. Work with Media Peeps, and we have an established relationship with iTunes, and get our music up there in 24 HOURS!

Sales reports are run weekly on Tuesday's and are sent via email.

Payments are typically sent out monthly, @ net 30

Albums Are $99 ea.

Singles are $29 ea.

Artists having music videos produced by Media Peeps get their albums or singles placed on iTunes for FREE!

Music Videos:
**We have currently stopped submitting videos, but will begin again in the future with updated specifications**

Conversions (for converting to .wav files if needed)
  • Albums: $49
  • Singles: $19

  • Renewals:
  • Albums: $19
  • Singles: $9

  • Cover Album Photography
    Local San Joaquin & Stanislaus County (contact for custom on-location pricing out of area)
  • Photo Shoots: $199
  • Editing & Artwork: $99
  • Package; Photo Shoot, Editing, & Artwork: $249
  • How long does it take for my music to go live once paid?

  • Most recent music we have distributed to iTunes has gone live within 24hours.
  • About 4 Weeks for eMusic
  • About 6-8 weeks for AmazonMP3 or Amazon on Demand

  • When do I get my money?

    How do I get my money?

    To withdraw your money, made from the sale of your music, you can place a PayPal request by logging into your PayPal account, and sending a "Request for Money to accountservices@mediapeeps.com


    Unfortunately once an album has been delivered there is no automated way to make changes. The album would need to be taken down, and resubmitted.

    What format must my music be in?

    All music must be submitted in .wav format and set to 44.1 khz sample rate, 16 bit sample size and the channel set to stereo. See pricing sheet if you would like Media Peeps to convert your music for you.

    What format must my artwork be in?

  • A JPG of GIF image file
  • The image must be a perfect square, and at least 1600x1600 pixels
  • You must include the artist name and album title on the artwork
  • All artwork must be in best-quality RGB color mode (including black and white images)
  • All artwork must have at least a 72 dpi (300dpi is better)

  • Email addresses, URLs, or any other contact information or any pricing information
  • No stickers or other items on your artwork in case your scanning it in from a physical CD.