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Music Videos

"I Got To Come Up" by Livin Proof ft. The Jacka, P. Ocean, Meanzo

"Glimpse" By George TraGiC

"Imma Get Mine" By M.I.C. from N3w ERA

"Get it in" By Livin Proof ft. Petey Sweety

"My Planet" By Clone

"Tonight" By M.I.C. from N3W ERA, and featuring Z33K

"Fully Abandoned" By Lauren Freitas

"On My Grind" By A-Wax featuring RIZ Ultra Records

"Let Me Touch You Girl" By Laze (Kawani)

"C'Mon C'Mon" Fiesta Boyz

"Get It In" From N3W ERA, Single Release for iTunes

"Deja Vu" From Clone, Single Release for iTunes

"Never Give Up" From Izakane ft. Alina Hansen

"Street Shit" From Clone Single release for iTunes

"I Need You" Northstar

"Like You" From N3W Era. Video

"Evening Serenity" From Jay Alvarez, Spanish Romance Solo Guitarist, upcoming album

"Crush On Me" From Clone "Threats" album

Reggae Artis: King Hopeton upcoming video for "King of Kings"

#1 Billboard Reggae Artist: Lil Hero's upcoming music video.

"Reppin My Name" From Livin Proof featuring Beeda Weeda, Philthy Rich, Young Moses, Stevie Joe, and Young Sight

"Valley Girl" From Petey upcoming self titled solo album

"My Hood My Block" From Cobra and Eli-P - "Spitflame - The Fam" upcoming album.

"Big Money Maker" Featuring Doja-Click, Turf Talk, and Big Jess

"Leanin" -- From Clone "Threats" upcoming album

"Sexy Mamacita" -- From Meanzo "Spitflame - The Fam"featuring Big Jess, upcoming album.

"Threats" - From Clone "Threats" upcoming album

Behind The Scenes

Fort Knox Da General Photo Shoot

N3W ERA - "Like You"

Jay Alvarez - "Evening Serenity"

Livin Proof - "Reppin My Name"

Petey - Poolside Video shoot using 12' camera Jib/Crane

BMW Motorcycle Documentary

Meanzo - Sexy Mamacita green screen production

Corporate & Documentaries

Saint-Gobain CertainTeed Solar

DJ Sane's Story - The Official DJ for N3W ERA

West Coast Blaze The Stage Red Carpet Event @ UGMX Studios for BET's 106&Park

ACE - Altamonte Commuter Express, San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission

Todd Henderson - West Coast Custom Detail

John Weinholz - BMW, Triumph, Vespa, & Piaggio owner

Paul Mitchell Institute of Cosmetology - Hair Fashion Show

Music Synchronized

Margaret's Birthday in San Francisco

Justin Says goodbye - a tribute to a 10 year long project

Paul Mitchell Institute of Cosmetology - Hair Fashion Show

BMW Motorcycles - A ride up through Nevada, Yosemite, and Central Valley


BMW Motorcycles Documentary Streaming.

"Leanin" by Clone - Mainstream publishing

"Threats" by Clone - Mainstream Publishing


Northstar "Christ in Me" Gospel Rap artist who'shit single video became a YouTube hit exceeding 110,000 views

Izakane "The Ticket" Both pressed and digitally distributed on iTunes

"Sun and the Rain" From Jay Alvarez, Spanish Romance Solo Guitarist, iTunes single release

Clone "Threats" Album - Both a printed release, as well as digital including iTunes and