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Media Peeps can get your website going in a SNAP....Literally!!! We can get your domain purchased, we can host your site on our servers, we can build your custom website, and have it up and running the same or next day!!


Give us a call, or shoot as an email to get a detailed quote. Typically a website runs anywhere between $500 and $1000 for a start-up site, which includes domain name purchase, website hosting on our servers, 4 custom designed pages, and a contact form script. These are the basics, and prices can go up depending on graphical designs (buttons, banners, etc.), ecommerce requirements, online store or database builds, payment processing, or video and audio embedding.

Domain purchases are $10, and Domain hosting on our servers is $10 a month, or $75 for the year. Yes we are more expensive than others, but we answer your phone calls, we support it (with a real person) 24 hours a day, and we take the time to explain changes and how things work with our customers. We do not pump out domain names specifically in bulk like the others, but we get you up and running, you learn about what your paying for, we're scalable, and we tailor all our sites to the artist...ALL IN ONE HOUSE!!

Things to consider Media Peeps when deciding who you get these services with:

- We set you up so that the site is supported by most current portable and tablet devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry's, etc...

- We coach you on whats right for you...flash, html, css, javascript, etc.

- We metatag all our sites so that the indexing robots can find and crawl your pages... What does this mean? Well, all the search engines, Google, MSN, Yahoo! etc, all use robots that crawl the worlds websites in milliseconds, and gathers data and content on your website. This is so that when someone searches the web, those search keywords may be in your site, and if you want to be found, this is a must in owning a website.....or its all for nothing...pure and simple.

- We provide a back-end platform for you to view your web analytics and statistics, including hits, times, days, pages, and words/phrases in your site that are being caught the most.

- Have unlimited email accounts ending with YOUR DOMAIN... Wanna be professional? Dont have a spammed out Yahoo or GMail account, get your own emails @yourdomain.com

- Customize your page. We hand design every little detail on your site, including each little button and graphic. WE DO NOT USE TEMPLATES!

- Scalable...Yes. We can add Blogs, Forums, etc. We can even add backend software to your site, where you can manage and edit your own web site, and it will generate the code itself for you. Yes, including adding videos, YouTubes, Music, Photos, additional pages, and text. We only recommend this to our more experiences customers, as it can be a bit complex, and actually costs more to setup initially.

- Contact Form Script. This script allows you to put a form page on your site, so that you dont have to post an email on the page. The spam robots crawl web pages searching for email addresses, and thats how they start spamming. NEVER put your email address on your site if you can avoid it. The form script lets a visitor fill out an email form on your page, and that form gets emailed to any email address you want, even several if needed.

- Payments & Online Store. Our servers support and have licensing required to accept online payments. This includes SSL certificates, and Merchant account gateways to accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.